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The Hippy Place is the ideal site for Sixties period pieces and retrofuturist fantasies.

Set in a forested wilderness land trust of 5 square miles, The Farm is one of the longest lasting utopian experiments in American history. Founded from an exodus out of the Haight Ashbury in 1970, The Farm was described by the Wall Street Journal in 1975 as "The General Motors of American Communes." The population surged to 1400 by the early 80s, only to crash back and decollectivize, then rise again like a phoenix from the ashes. Today it is a comfortable retreat for some 200 residents, solar powered, soybean-fueled, and a model for ecovillages worldwide.

The Hippy Place offers the perfect base station in this location from which to stage a full-on production. Commercial kitchens for craft, local vegan catering, industrial electric hookups, fast fiber connectivity, and secure enclosures for warehousing wardrobe and equipment. Within 30 minutes drive Middle Tennessee offers quality lodgings and conference rooms if the rustic on-site hospitality is insufficent. Nashville is less than an hour by car, ten minutes by helicopter. There are two Lear-accommodating commercial airports within 15 miles and Nashville International is one hour and 15 minutes by limo.

Recording studios on Music Row and in Muscle Shoals are about equidistant and Vanderbilt University is home the world's first and largest television news archive,




Retreat & Event Planning 

We have hosted retreats of yoga groups, naturalists, vegans, green party activists, midwives, herbalists, baubiologists, mushroom hunters, music groups, and bioregionalists.

We are a favored venue for workshops in permaculture, natural building,  fermentation, mushroom growing, vegetarian cooking, ecovillage design, filmmaking, writing, art, bamboo, natural healing, and alternative energy.

We have held weddings, receptions, reunions, concerts, dances, parties, vaudeville, plays, and light shows.

What interests you? We can help.

Weddings & Filmmaking

Our hippy forebears came to this wood in 1971 to get off of the beaten path. It was then, and remains, 40 miles from the closest interstate highway. There is no airport, train service, bus service, taxi, Uber or Lyft. What there is are 20 square kilometers of unbroken forest on the highest ground between Chicago and New Orleans.

Nestled within this forest are some five dozen residential dwellings, businesses, and community service structures, 200 acres of fields, pasture and orchards and the upper reaches of the Swan River.


Our new kitchen and restaurant is under construction and still in the crowd funding stage. You are invited to help with that if you like. Meanwhile, we offer coffee, tea, whatever our organic garden might have to harvest, and the best water you will ever drink. Our guests have access to fully functional kitchens for their use in preparing their own meals.

Check back for updates on our progress, we hope to be catering by mid 2020!

 The Farm Community rediscovered or invented many of the most popular soyfoods in the US, and is home to many bestselling cookbook authors. We pride ourselves in the ability to supply both vegan gourmet fare and grass-fed, regeneratively farmed, non-GMO local meats for omnivores, with a pairing of our own select wines and fermented beverages.

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